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    My name is Gabrielle, also known professionally as my middle name, Giovi. I'm a New Jersey native who is based out of central New Jersey. My main foundation of art is capturing the complex and deeply felt emotions that I can't translate into words or expressions.

    When I was fifteen years old in 2010, my mother gifted my brother and I with our first trip to the MOMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit and from there I became obsessed with quirky, unique art styles. As a youth, I was fascinated by my mother's art, a mix of surrealism and realism that utilized primary colors to pay homage to her favorite painting. She used clothing and canvas as her main mediums, inspiring me to use non-traditional methods of my own such as skateboards, books, etc. to paint my art across. Fascinated by the emotions people can portray, I spend much of my time drawing faces and body language to convey my own inner thoughts. Before that trip to MOMA, I realized how badly I wanted to capture my own style, something unique to only me, just as my mother had been able to do.

    My emotions range from nothingness to everything all at once, so I wanted to make sure I captured those moments as they happened. I wanted them to be saved as archives for people like myself who struggle to understand their own self and show them someone else like them does exist.

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